Administration Department

The Village operates under a Mayor-Council form of government since incorporation in 1962.

In 1980, the Village created the Village Administrator position, who acts as an administrative assistant and be responsible to the Village President. The Village Administrator is appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Board of Trustees.

The Village Administrator's duties include:

  • Perform all duties and exercise all powers delegated by the village president.
  • Have the power to hire and discharge all village employees, except police officers, with the consent of the president.
  • Supervise all village employees, who shall perform their duties subject to direction of the village administrator.
  •  Recommend to the president and/or to the board of trustees any measures desirable for the improvement of the village government or for the enhancement of the general welfare of the residents of the village.
  • Attend all meetings of the president and board of trustees and give the corporate authorities all information possible on administrative matters under his direction before them.
  • Cause village ordinances to be enforced, and investigate complaints relative to the government of the village.
  • Be responsible for all real estate, equipment and other property of the village except as otherwise required by law.
  • Keep or supervise the preparation and care of all records, except financial, and except as otherwise required by law or ordinance of the village.
  • Perform such duties and have such other powers as are provided by ordinance.
  • Maintain custody of all documents belonging to the village which are not assigned to the custody of some other officer by ordinance or statute.