Inverness Special Severe Storm Update

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Be Alert For Storm-Related Repair Scams

In the aftermath of yesterday’s severe storm in Inverness, residents should remain vigilant against potential scams targeting homeowners seeking repairs for storm-related damage.

Scammers often exploit such situations by swiftly entering affected communities, pressuring individuals into hasty and costly decisions regarding cleanup and construction work. These individuals, often referred to as "storm chasers," may pose as public adjusters offering ostensibly "free" inspections to facilitate insurance claims.

In Inverness, door-to-door solicitors are required to obtain permits from the Inverness Police Department. They are prohibited from disturbing residences displaying signs indicating "No Peddlers," "No Solicitors," "No Canvassers," "Peddlers, Solicitors, or Canvassers Prohibited," or similar messages.

It is important to remember to promptly contact 9-1-1 if a solicitor or any unfamiliar individual behaves aggressively, requests entry into your home, or makes you feel uncomfortable. There is no obligation to engage with strangers knocking at your door.

Tree Debris Cleanup Information
Begins March 4, 2024

A special curbside collection of storm damaged tree limbs for Village residents will start on March 4.  The Village cannot guarantee pickup if residents do not place storm-related tree debris adjacent to the road by March 4.

Please observe the following:
•    Stack tree debris loosely along the edge of the road pavement in one row.
•    Only cut limbs enough to move them to the edge of the road. Branches 5-20 feet are easier for the grappling trucks to grab. If the tree limbs need to be reduced in size for removal, the contractors will take care of that.
•    Do NOT bundle limbs.
•    Do NOT place limbs on streets.
•    Do NOT mix in other debris. If tree limbs are mixed with other materials, such as lumber, demolition material, bushes, etc., the limbs will not be picked up.

The Village’s contractor will make ONE pass only on the street to pick up the material starting Monday, March 4, at 7:00 a.m.

Neither Village staff nor its contractor will go onto private property to cut up trees or limbs or move material to the road. Residents who need help cutting up and removing tree limbs should hire a private company.

Report Storm Damage

Has your residence recently suffered damage from a storm?

The Village of Inverness aims to collect information regarding extreme weather and storm incidents to enhance the safety of the community. Additionally, compiling data on property damage resulting from storms could aid the Village in securing assistance from the Cook County Department of Emergency Management, Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during severe circumstances.

If your residence has been affected by a recent storm or natural disaster, please email the Village at contact [at] (subject: Property%20Damage%20Report) with the following details:

  • Owner's Name
  • Owner's Phone Number
  • Owner's Email Address
  • Property Address
  • Type of Damage (e.g., Roof, Siding, Outdoor Structures, Vehicles, Fallen Trees, Limbs, Miscellaneous Items)
  • Photos, if available

Alternatively, you can contact the Village of Inverness at 847-358-7740 to report damage caused by a recent storm or disaster.

Please be aware that the information gathered is solely for documentation purposes, and the results will be used to demonstrate the need for emergency and financial assistance following severe and widespread damage from storms or extreme weather events. The Village will not remove branches from private property.