Obtaining a Building Permit?

Information about the building permit process can be found below.  When you are ready to begin the process, complete the Building Permit Application for the work being proposed, attach the appropriate construction documents prepared in accordance to the Building Permit Submittal Requirements and return it to the Village of Inverness Building Department located at: 1415 Baldwin Road, Inverness, IL  60067. All submissions are taken by appointment only and shall be made in person, by a responsible party. Please call the Building Department at (847) 358-7960 to schedule an appointment when ready. Initial plan reviews are normally completed within ten (10) business days. Please be aware that all submissions to the Building Department are subject to further processing delays during the peak building season (March - September).

  1. Determine whether a permit is necessary. See Projects Requiring a Permit.
  2. Check Zoning Regulations, Setbacks, etc.
  3. Check relevant Village Ordinances. The Building Department’s Resource Center has handouts with specific procedures for many types of permits.
  4. Homeowners need to have their projects approved by their Homeowner’s Association. Village approval is based on lot zoning, relevant codes and is contingent on Homeowner's Association regulations and/or approvals.
  5. Homeowners may do many of their own construction/repair projects.
  6. Contractors are not required to be licensed to work in the Village of Inverness.
  7. Please visit the Building Department’s Resource Center to obtain the Building Permit Application and/or view the requirements for Building Construction Documents.
  8. No permits are required for the replacement of outdoor A/C Condenser Units, Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters (fixed-in-place, in-like kind), re-roofs, siding, windows, doors (in-like kind and within the same rough opening). Openings between the garage and residence shall comply with 4-3-2, R309.1
  9. If you are not sure whether you need a permit for a project, please call the Building Department at (847) 358-7960 Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (excluding holiday’s) or building [at] inverness-il.gov