Vacation Watch

The Inverness Police Department offers a free Vacation Watch program for residents who will be away from home. Officers will check your house on a daily basis for any signs of suspicious activity.

The Vacation Watch form can be downloaded below or you can stop by the Police Department or
Village Hall to pick one up.

Before leaving on your trip, the Inverness Police Department suggests that you:

  • Have your mail forwarded to you, held at the post office, or arrange to have it picked up daily.
  • Cancel your newspaper delivery.
  • Avoid announcing that you will be away from home on social media.
  • Leave a phone number where you can be reached with one or more neighbors so you can be notified of an emergency.
  • Give your home that “lived in” look by using timers for your lights and a radio. Vary the times they switch on and off. Never leave mail in a single central location, such as the kitchen table or countertop, where it can be seen and taken as an obvious sign that you are gone.