Plan Commission

Th Plan Commission consists of a chairman and six (6) other members. Each member is appointed for a term of two (2) years.

The Plan Commission considers and recommends approval or disapproval to the Village Board amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and the official Comprehensive Plan affecting land situated within the Village limits and contiguous territory not more than one and one-half (11/2) miles beyond the corporate limits and not included in any other municipality.

The Plan Commission duties include:

  1. To prepare and recommend to the Village Board a comprehensive plan of public improvements looking to the present and future development of the Village, and to provide reasonable requirements in reference to streets, alleys, public grounds and other improvements pursuant to law in unsubdivided lands within the corporate limits and in contiguous territory outside and distant not more than one and one-half (11/2) miles from the corporate limits of the Village, insofar as the same are not included in any city, village or incorporated towns.
  2. To recommend from time to time changes in the Official Comprehensive Plan.
  3. To prepare and recommend to the Village Board from time to time plans for specific improvements in pursuance of such Official Comprehensive Plan.
  4. To aid the Municipal officials charged with the direction of projects for improvements embraced within the Official Plan, to further these projects, and generally, to promote the objectives of the Official Comprehensive Plan.
  5. To exercise such other powers as may be provided by Statute or ordinance.

Please check the Village schedule for meeting times of the Plan Commission.